According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, return is not possible for items made to the customer’s personal measurements, or for items made to order.
If you did not like or did not like any other product – we offer a store credit for the value of the product (which was paid at the time of purchase).
Unused, unused product, in the original condition, the same as it was sent to you (without any signs of wear: make-up, fake tan, deodorant stains and odors), you can return and choose another product of the same value in our range at that time. If there is a price difference when exchanging the product, the buyer must pay the seller the price difference. If the seller does not have the goods suitable for the buyer, the buyer must fill in a free-form request explaining why the received goods did not satisfy him and preferably return the received goods with the attached form no later than 1 working day after receipt of the goods. In this case, the buyer will recover the price paid for the purchased goods.

According to EU regulations, you can return the received goods within 14 days, but we encourage customers to return non-compliant goods within 1 working day of receipt.

The seller is responsible for the cost of return *. If the goods are returned damaged – the buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods.

The amount for the returned, purchased item is returned to the buyer after checking the item and making sure that it corresponds to its original condition. Money is returned by bank transfer.

Returns can take up to 14 days from receipt and inspection of the item, as well as depending on payment systems and banking activities.

* Returns are made through OMNIVA post offices or Lithuanian Post.

To return or replace the item (s) at the post office, contact us –